Our Brew

When we started Cats and Canines Coffee Co., we wanted everything from our shop to be locally made in the USA. Our specialty grade coffee is made in a USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified and a Rainforest Alliance roastery in the United States.

Don’t worry, a lot more brews are coming soon!

French Roast:

The blend is named after the French-originating breeds, the Great Pyrenees, Poodle, and French bulldog. It’s 100% grown South American specialty beans. This is a full body blend, smooth and bold. It’ll please even the most hardcore coffee drinkers out there!

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, and Anise

Roast Profile: Extra Dark Roast (French)

Wake and Wiggle:

This blend is inspired when dogs get really excited, and wag their tales back and forth enough to make their butts wiggle! Our specialty breakfast blend of 100% grown South American beans are lightly roasted to perfection to create and highlight bright and brisk flavors. This is just what you need in the morning to get yourself up and wiggling with them too.

Tasting Notes: Citrus, Milk Chocolate, and Cream

Roast Profile: Light Roast

Song Bird:

A great anytime cup of coffee, Song Bird mixes Central and South American beans for an end result that offers a smooth, sweet flavor from beginning to end. Your tastes buds will be singing with this Italian roasted coffee featuring unique and sophisticated flavors with every cup. 

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, and Plum 

Roast Profile: Dark Roast (Italian)